Margin Call: Behind the Scenes in the Forex Industry

Margin Call is an exciting new podcast series that gives you behind-the-scenes access to the ups and downs of working in the Forex/CFD industry. We interview the people that keep the show on the road. This series is guest-hosted by Jordon Michaelides and produced by the team at Neuralle Media.

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Episode 5:
Andrea Marani | CEO of OpenMarkets

Andrea Marani (Linkedin) is the CEO of OpenMarkets and longtime operator in the financial services space. A South African at heart, the now Aussie financial operator has many runs on the board with organisations like Investec, Rabobank, Shaw & Partners, plus Global Trader. OpenMarkets is a Digital Trading Platform that provides clients with direct access to markets via a range of digital technologies.

This chat with Andrea offers an interesting look into his background and wealth of experience across financial markets. We covered numerous topics, including:

  1. What he misses about South Africa and why he moved to Australia
  2. Early memories of making wine
  3. Highlights of his career
  4. The impact of technology on financial markets
  5. Open Markets and its focus
  6. New products he’s excited about

Episode 4:
Khim Khor | Executive Director & COO of GO Markets

Khim Khor (Linkedin) is GO Markets’ COO and Executive Director. He started out as a Sales Manager for the Asia business, when this demographic was just opening up for the CFD/Forex industry. Five years later he stands as COO and is an integral part of the GO Markets team with a unique and innovative perspective on Asia. As a lifelong student of Economics, Khim has always had a penchant for understanding how markets work.

In this episode we’ll cover:

  1. His time and role at GO Markets
  2. Growing up in Malaysia, and sambals
  3. The Asian market
  4. Trading & gambling in Asia compared to Australia
  5. Asian investor perspective
  6. USA & China trade relations
  7. What sitcom best resembles GO Markets office

Episode 3:
David Hall | Co-Founder of Tapaas

David Hall (Linkedin) is the Co-Founder of Tapaas and former Principal Architect across numerous financial institutions including Westpac, Macquarie Bank and Citigroup. David made his way into the industry through a unique opportunity at Salomon Brothers, an organisation that had a lasting impact on David. Twenty years later, and many runs on the board with institutions as a financial systems architect, David now runs his own business – Tapaas.

Tapaas is an analytics platform that accelerates profit from insights for finance markets enterprises. The platform provides analytical power to growing companies, that was only previously available to the premier financial institutions that David used to work for.

David has a fascinating background and life experience as an expat. We covered a vast array of topics, including:

  1. What he misses about America and loves about Australia
  2. His father and lessons learnt from him
  3. Experience travelling as an expat, particularly in Japan
  4. Financial innovation at organisations like Salomon Brothers
  5. Tapaas and its work with retail brokers
  6. Principles for applying risk & technology

Episode 2:
Tom Williams | GO Markets Head of Trading

Tom Williams (@TomW_GOMarkets) is the GO Markets Head of Trading. He started out as a dealer and broker in the excitement-driven city of London across equities, fixed income and foreign exchange. Learning the technical aspects of what is now a software-driven business has allowed Tom to lead all trading operations at GO Markets, literally keeping the show on the road. Old Scouse loves a laugh and a pint and is always affable enough to show you the bright side of life (as Monty Python says).

In this episode we’ll cover:

  1. What brought Tom to Australia and what he misses about the UK
  2. His role as head of trading at GO Markets
  3. The Swiss National Bank Crisis
  4. The GFC and Brexit

Episode 1:
Vee Leung Phan of Track Record Asia

Vee Leung Phan (@TrackRecordAsia) is the Founder of TrackRecord Asia and former Head of Trading across multiple divisions for Deutsche Bank and Morgan Stanley. Vee made his way into the industry by chance, after realising there was no real opportunity back home during the 1997 Asia Financial Crisis. Fast forward 13+ years and Vee had co-founded a hedge fund, run multiple divisions for both Deutsche Bank and Morgan Stanley, and co-founded a machine learning tech startup.

TrackRecord Asia is a financial training academy for trading teams in banks and professional traders – designed to teach you the frameworks learnt in his days across first-class institutions.

In this episode we’ll cover:

  1. Singapore and Vee’s childhood in Kuala Lumpur
  2. Uni life in Manchester and how he got into trading
  3. Lessons learnt from his mother
  4. Career path and insight into the industry
  5. Vee’s trading training framework
  6. The biggest mistake in the business.

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Episode 6:
Coming Soon

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