Benefits of Trading Index CFDs

Gain exposure to group of stocks in one trade
Trade long or short with fast execution
Gain access to leverage, trading at up to 200:1
No brokerage costs when trading indices
Access one of the most liquid markets in the world

Trade Indices on MT4

Access a wide range of Index CFDs via the world’s leading FX and CFD platform, MetaTrader 4. Indices are one of the most popular trading products and you get access to 13 Cash CFDs and 2 Futures CFDs from around the globe, including the following major indices:

Cash CFDs

FTSE 100CAC 40S&P 500S&P/ASX
Xetra DAXEuro Stoxx 50Russell 2000Hang Seng
IBEX 35Dow Jones Industrial AverageNasdaq 100Nikkei 225

Futures CFDs

Why Trade Global Indices with GO

Indices offer a diversified way to trade the movements of the global equity markets without the need to identify, trade or directly own any specific stocks or group of stocks.

For many traders, it means you can focus your efforts on a few index CFDs as opposed to having to analyse hundreds of stocks in order to make a trading decision.

Trading indices with GO allows you to get access to the Cash CFD, which means you're simply trading on the movement of the index's prices rather than purchasing the underlying futures contract. This allows you to trade in small contract sizes, which is perfect for those who are just starting out.

If you are looking to test an Index CFD trading system live on MT4, you can do so using a live trading account and test your system from as little as $0.10 per point movement.


Trade Your Preferred Index CFDs both Long and Short

Another great advantage of trading Index CFDs is the ability to go both long and short. When you are looking to benefit from the index moving higher it means you will be trading long and when you are looking to benefit from the index falling, it means you will be trading short.

Full Range of Indices to Trade

Below is the full list of the global indices you get access to via our MetaTrader 4 trading platform. Please note that all indices offered are provided as a CFD.
To view our previous Index CFD product offering, please click here.

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Cash CFDs
Instrument MT4 Symbol Contract Size Min. Stop Distance Margin Currency Min. Trade Size Max. Trade Size Example of Tick Value
FTSE 100 FTSE100 £1 x symbol value 4 pips 0.5% GBP 0.1 250 6800>6801
Xetra DAX DAX30 €1 x symbol value 5 pips 0.5% EUR 0.1 250 10000>10001
IBEX 35ESP35€1 x symbol value4 pips1.0%EUR0.12509150>9151
CAC 40 CAC40 €1 x symbol value 5 pips 1.0% EUR 0.1 250 4500>43501
Euro Stoxx 50 STOXX50 €1 x symbol value 4 pips 1.0% EUR 0.1 250 3000>3001
Dow Jones Industrial Average WS30 $1 x symbol value 6 pips 0.5% USD 0.1 250 18000>18001
S&P 500 US500 $10 x symbol value 2 pips 0.5% USD 0.1 50 2000.5>2001.5
Russell 2000US2000$10 x symbol value2 pips0.5%USD0.1501100.0>1101
Nasdaq 100 NDX100 $1 x symbol value 4 pips 0.5% USD 0.1 250 4800>4801
S&P/ASX ASX200 $1 x symbol value 4 pips 0.5% AUD 0.1 250 5000>5001
Hang Seng HK50 HK$10 x symbol value 15 pips 1.5% HKD 0.1 100 20500>20501
Nikkei 225 JP225 ¥100 x symbol value 12 pips 1.0% JPY 0.1 100 17000>17001
Nifty 50India50$1 x symbol value4 pips1.0%USD0.11009380>9381


GO Markets will automatically roll any open positions in Futures CFD contracts which will result in paying the spread (value of ASK – BID price) upon the roll. The rollover arises when the underlying instrument associated with a CFD is due for expiry and GO Markets begins to price the CFD from the next available futures contract. As the next dated futures contract trades at either a discount or a premium to the expiring futures contract, your trading account will be credited or debited the difference between the closing price of the expiring contract and the opening price of the new contract, depending on your net exposure of the rolled instrument. GO Markets will generally roll futures contracts within 72 business hours of the current contract expiry date in order to avoid low liquidity and larger spreads as the current futures contract approaches expiry.

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Futures CFDs
Instrument MT4 Symbol Contract Size Min. Stop Distance Margin Currency Min. Trade Size Max. Trade Size Example of Tick Value
China A50 CHINAA50 $1 x symbol value 3 pips 5.0% USD 0.1 50 10055>10056
US Dollar Index USDOLLAR $1000 x symbol value 3 pips 1.0% USD 0.1 50 101.305>101.315


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