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China Taking Stock Of US Trade Deficit Figures
August 10, 2018

The US official trade deficit number with China is $375.2bn in 2017. But According to China Customs General Administration, this number should be $275.8bn. Notice there is a vast gap between the versions from two sides. So, which version is closer to...

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China Stock Market & CNY Slump: Caused by monetary easing again?
August 7, 2018

Recently, both China's stock markets and currency dropped suddenly, showing signs of a panic sell. The reasons behind this are complicated—— the trade war with the US, a moral crisis caused by the vaccine scandal, monetary easing, and so on. With...

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英国央行 – 加息的概率是怎么算的?
August 2, 2018

英镑的利率决定会议将于本周四公布。“市场”认为目前有75%的可能性会加息。 有些读者一直很好奇,这个“市场概率”到底是从哪来的?是来自内幕信息吗? (如果是这样的话,显然...

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技术分析 20 July 2017
July 20, 2017

澳元/日元 最后成交价 1日变动% 5日变动% 一个月高低 日图 AUDJPY 88.95 -0.10% -1.47% H: 89.332 L: 82.593 每日交易偏好 (+/-3) 支撑位2 支撑位1 压力位1 压力位2 +1 86.59 87.45 88.60 89.10 评论*: 测...

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技术分析 13 July 2017
July 13, 2017

澳元/日元 最后成交价 1日变动% 5日变动% 一个月高低 日图 AUDJPY 86.98 0.11% -1.29% H: 87.365 L: 81.78 每日交易偏好 (+/-3) 支撑位2 支撑位1 压力位1 压力位2 -1 85.05 85.75 87.50 88.15 评论*: 周图...

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