What Has Moved The Markets So Far This Week?
December 6, 2018

By Deepta Bolaky  @DeeptaGOMarkets December started on a positive note, though it was short-lived. During the G20 meeting, there was more optimism in the financial markets than the market participants had anticipated. Investors were therefore ho...

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Canada – Taking A Look At The Loonie Economy
December 3, 2018

Canada News Flying Under The Radar Canada has been a predominant feature in financial news in the recent few months, with many discussions centered around the NAFTA and ‘new NAFTA’ agreement, the USMCA trade deal. But despite being such a sign...

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Is Trump the Santa Stock Markets Need?
November 30, 2018

By Deepta Bolaky  @DeeptaGOMarkets Without any doubt it was a difficult year for the stock markets. Recently nearly all equity indices have erased their 2018 gains. October has also lived up to its reputation in being the worst month for equitie...

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Bitcoin – Diverging opinions
November 28, 2018

By Deepta Bolaky  @DeeptaGOMarkets Some of us are still struggling to understand the concept of cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin prices have soared in 2017, and media speculations drove the popularity of Bitcoin to such extent that retail investors e...

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ECB Speeches
November 27, 2018

By Deepta Bolaky  @DeeptaGOMarkets The week kicked off with a series of ECB speeches, and markets participants were gearing up to have more updates on the Eurozone economy, interest rate and Italy. Investors were keen to see whether the EC...

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Brexit and Italy
November 22, 2018

By Deepta Bolaky  @DeeptaGOMarkets As we head into the Thanksgiving holidays, the continuing factors dominating headlines remain Brexit and Italy. This Wednesday was an important day for Brexit and Italy, but the events unfolded without...

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G20 Summit 10th Anniversary
November 16, 2018

By Deepta Bolaky  @DeeptaGOMarkets In the wake of the global financial crisis, the G20 summit has become a popular forum of global governance and cooperation. In the heat of the disaster, G20 members came together to sustain global financial s...

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WTI in Bear Mode
November 9, 2018

By Deepta Bolaky  @DeeptaGOMarkets   Deteriorating demand and rising global output are the main factors that sent the WTI Crude into a bear market territory. There is a shift of sentiment in the oil markets. The US sanctions have been th...

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Tied In A Gridlock, Eyes Are Now On The FOMC Meeting!
November 8, 2018

By Deepta Bolaky  @DeeptaGOMarkets The results of the US Mid-term election have been released and the Democrats took control of the House of Representatives, securing Washington in a legislative deadlock as widely expected. The talk...

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A Pivotal Moment For Sterling
November 7, 2018

GBPUSD - Has Cable run out of steam? Looking at GBPUSD, we can see the month of November has kicked off with some impulsive moves higher off the back of potential Brexit deals concluding behind closed doors. In the short-term, we might be w...

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