AutoChartist Chart Pattern Recognition and Alerts Tutorial with GO Markets


Want to know more about AutoChartist? Go to Go Markets is recognised as the broker who successfully launched MT4 in Australia,…

Autochartist Provides Real time Forex Trading Alerts & Volatility Analysis

Autochartist is one of the most widely used MT4 charting tools among the GO client base. Now you can get access to one of the world’s premier chart pattern recognition softwares when you open and fund a live trading account with $500 or more.

Autochartist prides itself on being at the forefront of price action alerts, volatility & event impact analysis, and even has a new automated trading facility built in.

See Autochartist in Action

Experience the power of Autochartist and see how easy it is to apply directly onto your MT4 chart by viewing the video to the right. Simply click on the play button to get started.

The short tutorial will show you the signals and alerts presented to you live via MT4. In addition, Autochartist will email you three times a day with live trading opportunities.

Why Use AutochartistTM?

  • Autochartist will scan all your favourite Forex pairs including all the FX Majors, minors and crosses.
  • Autochartist can be applied across the commodities and Indices.
  • Removes the complex and time­ consuming process of analysing charts for patterns.
  • Automatically scans and monitors the markets on your behalf for trends and patterns.
  • Receive automatic audio and visual alerts when emerging and completed patterns are identified.
  • Provides market data analysis across multiple time frames in real­ time.

Automated Technical Analysis with Autochartist

Trends and patterns normally take time to identify and monitor. With AutochartistTM, traders get the chance to receive automatic notifications when emerging and completed chart patterns such as Triangles, Wedges, Tops and Bottoms are identified. Traders can also take advantage of an automatically illustrated forecast range on completed patterns which indicates an expected price level.

Performance Statistics with Autochartist

Autochartist,TM provides an opportunity for traders to review a range of performance statistics to see which trade setups have or have not worked over the past 6 months. This analysis of performance is provided for completed Chart Patterns, breakout Key Levels and approaching Key Levels.

Volatility Analysis with Autochartist

AutochartistTM lets you understand the personality of the markets and instruments you choose to trade. The Volatility Analysis system lets traders find out information such as the time of day at which markets are more volatile, how to set appropriate exit levels, as well as how to select instruments which fall within acceptable risk parameters.

Market Snapshot with Autochartist

Subscribe to Autochartist™’s Market Snapshot and receive an outlook of your favourite markets for the next 24-48 hours. Sent out three times a day for markets such as Forex and Commodities, and once a day for the Tokyo, London and New York stock exchanges, traders can opt to have these analysis sent directly to their e-mail inbox on a daily basis.